Frank Paul Perez, Director of Photography

Frank Paul Perez: Director Of Photography

An award-winning cinematographer, with 20 years of lighting experience. Frank is the principal of Falling Action Films. He started Falling Action Films to focus on his passion filmmaking. Frank has a Bachelors of Fine Arts ('96) and Bachelors of Industrial Design ('97) from Rhode Island School of Design. He is a master of lighting. He is currently a DP serving various Silicon Valley productions.

He also teaches cinematography, lighting, camera, and sound at a local non-profit film workshop, teaching students practical skills for careers in the film industry.

Frank Paul Perez- Director of Photography

  • Commercials
  • Corporate
  • Weddings
  • Short Films
  • Feature Films
  • Music Videos


Frank Paul Perez: DP


Frank Paul Perez


Frank Paul Perez